frequently asked questions


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What is New Moon Refillery?

New Moon Refillery is a delivery-only zero waste store providing plastic-free home and personal care products to the Denver Metro. We’re like the milkman, but with soap!

Our mission is to reduce plastic waste and increase the convenience and accessibility of refillable and plastic-free products. Our delivery model allows us to:

  • Provide next-day delivery for those short on time
  • Offer home delivery to those with accessibility barriers at brick-and-mortar stores
  • Sell refillable products at a lower price than if we had a storefront with high overhead costs
Do you have a storefront?

We do not have a storefront. We typically only offer delivery, unless we have in-person events scheduled. If we have an event where in-person purchases are available, we make that information available on the Events page on our website and our Instagram page.

We deliver to the following municipalities: Denver, Glendale, Lakewood, Englewood, and Westminster. You can use the interactive map on our homepage to see if your address is within our delivery area.

Are you a subscription service?

We are not a subscription service.

You can order whatever quantity you need when you need it, so you never have to worry about skipping deliveries, automatic charges, or getting more product than you need.

How do I order?

You can order online by going to the Shop Local Delivery section of our website’s menu. For refillable products, you are able to choose the amount of product you would like. Liquid refills also require you to choose a container type before adding the product to your cart.

At checkout, you are able to pick your delivery date and time.

If you have any questions or problems with ordering, please contact us at

Why are there fees on my order?

We do not, as a business, charge a delivery fee on orders. There are a couple of state-mandated fees that we are required to collect.

Previously only required in Denver, the $0.10 bag fee applies to the whole state of Colorado as of late 2022. We deliver orders in paper bags, therefore we are required to collect the bag fee.

As of July 2022, Colorado requires a Retail Delivery Fee be charged on every order delivered in the state by motor vehicle. We make deliveries using a car, so we must collect the fee.

These fees combined make up a $0.37 charge on all orders.

How do I see product ingredients?

Ingredients are listed toward the bottom of each individual product’s page, beneath the product description.

Do you make your own products?

No, we do not make our own products or sell them under the name New Moon Refillery.

The descriptions and information of the lovely brands we carry are listed on each product’s page!

donated containers

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What does “donated container” mean?

In an effort to provide a more affordable option and reuse materials that are already in circulation, we offer donated containers for liquid refills. A donated container is a plastic or glass container that has been cleaned and given to us for reuse. Donated containers are a free alternative to our glass deposit system containers.

Examples include yogurt tubs, club soda bottles, and jam jars. Our Container Donation Guidelines are in place to ensure they are in the appropriate condition.

What do I do with the donated containers once I receive my order?

You can either give the containers back to us for further reuse or recycle them at home.

If you would like to return them to us, please leave a note at checkout letting us know where to pick them up when we deliver your next order. We do not make separate trips to pick up containers—you must place an order for us to pick them up.

container deposit system

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What is the container deposit system?

When you pay for a glass bottle or jar from us, you are essentially putting down a “deposit” on the container that you can get back when you return it to us. You receive your deposit back in the form of a coupon code that you can use toward a future order from New Moon Refillery. The coupon code will equal the amount you paid for the bottle or jar.

All glass containers purchased from New Moon Refillery are eligible for the deposit program. We take back the screw top lids only–no pumps, droppers, or spray tops.

How do I return the deposit system containers?

When you are ready to return the container(s), send an email to with the subject line “RETURNING NMR CONTAINERS”  before you place your next order and let us know how many containers and which type you are returning. You will be emailed a coupon/discount code for the price of the container(s) to use toward your next purchase. 

Once you let us know you’ll be returning the containers and have received your discount code, simply leave them out for us to pick up when we deliver your next order. Please clean the containers and make sure they’re dry before leaving them out.

What if I don’t want to return the container?

If you never return the bottle, that’s okay! You already paid for it and it’s yours.