container Donation Guidelines

The recycling rate for plastics in the US has fallen to 5-6%, so instead of putting your plastic (or glass) containers into the recycling bin, donate them to us for reuse! We would love to accept your containers as a way to offer more affordable refill options to our customers. Please read the following guidelines when choosing which containers to donate:


  • We accept glass or plastic containers, but please no plastic that is too flimsy for delivery and reuse.
  • We cannot accept containers that:
    • Have a strong odor. Examples include pickles, kimchi, curry sauces, red pasta sauce, etc. 
    • Have a cardboard/non-washable component. If part of the container can get soggy when washing, we cannot accept it. An example of this is an oatmeal container. 
    • Have oily residue left inside. Examples include body or baby oil, olive oil, avocado oil, etc.
    • Have pump tops, spray stops, or droppers. These containers are too hard to completely rid of the previous product and therefore we cannot accept them. We can accept containers with squeeze-style lids (think ketchup) or screw caps.
    • Do not have a matching lid.
    • Are black plastic containers from takeout.
    • Are not completely clean and dry.
  • Please clean your containers before donating! We will clean and sanitize donated containers before we fill them, but our capacity is greatly reduced if the containers have not been pre-cleaned. Any containers with remaining soap or food, strong odors, oily residue, or pump/spray/dropper tops will be left with your order. 

Examples of containers we accept:

Examples of containers we do not accept: