Brand directory

At New Moon Refillery, we have curated a selection of eco-friendly products from a variety of companies to provide you with the best sustainable products. Take a look at our directory for more information about the awesome brands that we carry!

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The Better World Company

The Better World Company is here to end the wasteful stream of single-use plastic while providing environmentally friendly household products with great price tags and even better performance. They are local to Denver, CO!

Boulder Clean

Boulder Clean is a company local to Colorado who wants to change the idea that green cleaning products don’t work. They are a certified B Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet. Their warehouse is just a 13 minute drive from ours, so the environmental impacts of us receiving their products are minimal!

Centered Vessel

Centered Vessel is the functional artisan pottery company of Maxine Oland. She works in stoneware in her studio in western Massachusetts and loves to see her pottery functioning in the world!


ChicoBag offers reusable bags, utensils and containers to reduce single-use plastics. ChicoBag’s Pay It Forward program donates reusable bags to fixed and low income families ready to start a reusable bag habit, or recycle them into new useful products through partnerships with artists, crafters and non-profit organizations.

City Maid Green

City Maid Green believes in a clean full of plants and free of toxins to keep our water, air and communities thriving for the next generations. Their cleaners are thoughtfully formulated without the use of sulfates, synthetic fragrances or toxic ingredients. They offer a closed loop program!

Cleanse Bath & Body

Cleanse Bath + Body is a woman-owned brand from Colorado that uses natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, ethically-sourced, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients. It is better for our bodies and it is better for the environment. They strive to reduce waste, use fewer plastics, and find natural alternatives whenever possible.


Dip is an environmental awareness company parading around as a damn good personal care company (not the other way around).

Full Circle Home

Full Circle Home was founded in an effort to educate consumers on their responsibility to leave the earth a better place than they found it. They focus on using durable materials that take less energy to produce.

The Future Is Sustainable

The Future is Sustainable’s mission is creating eco-concentrated everyday products that are safe for people and sustainable for planet.


Heliotrope is an LGTBQ+-owned company that makes all their products in small batches in Northern California. They make personal care products with no artificial perfumes or synthetic colors.

Humble Suds

Humble Suds cleaning goods are handmade in Evergreen, Colorado. They use only top-notch ingredients, locally sourced when possible. Every order is made fresh, ensuring that Humble Suds customers enjoy only the highest quality suds!


Huppy is on a mission to prove that smiles are better off without plastic, cruelty, and toxic ingredients. They use sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients, utilize compostable and recyclable packaging, and donate 2% of their revenue to sustainability initiatives.

Me Mother Earth

Me Mother Earth is a husband and wife team local to Las Vegas. All of their products are vegan and cruelty free, and they donate to several environmental organizations.

Mountain Time Soap

Mountain Time Soap is handcrafted in Golden, Colorado. They utilize pure, simple ingredients from nature and compostable packaging. They are also a 1% for the Planet member.

No Tox Life

The creators of NO TOX LIFE are a mother-daughter team making vegan, low waste and effective products. They manufacture in their own USA-based solar-powered facility.


Plantish is a small business in Canada founded on zero waste, plastic-free & vegan principles. They desire to create a community while sharing inter-generational wisdom and a passion for plant-based products.

Rustic Strength

Rustic Strength is a family owned and operated company. Their manufacturing plant is located in Missouri and they offer a Close the Loop program to reuse packaging materials.


Made from premium ingredients which are selected for their effectiveness and safety and combined with high concentrations of botanicals, ShiKai products are carefully manufactured – beginning to end – at their facility in Santa Rosa, CA to ensure the highest quality and the best results.

Sustain Yourself

Sustain Yourself is run by a twin sister duo in Minneapolis. They source their raw materials from ethical sources, make their products in small batches, and are nearly a 100% plastic free company. They take back their bulk deodorant and cleansing oil containers for reuse.

Yay for Earth

As a sustainability activist living in Boulder, CO, Stevie Van Horn (founder of Yay for Earth) has been living a low waste lifestyle for many years and believes that every daily action is monumental to creating a better tomorrow. Influenced by growing up in the mountains of Colorado, she has always dedicated her zest of life to nature. With these all natural products, she strives to open up a bigger conversation about our choices affecting earth, conservation, and climate change.


Zefiro’s mission is to help us reduce and reuse by offering products that are free of unnecessary packaging, minimize single use waste and are safe for both us and the planet.