Why you should try shampoo and conditioner bars

There’s no doubt that shampoo and conditioner bars are gaining popularity—even big name brands have recognized this and are creating solid hair care formulas. If you’re on the fence about trying them out, keep reading to find out why you should! Environmental benefits...

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Updates to Front Range Green Bins

Attention Front Range composters! If you are a member of a municipal or third party organic material collection program, there are likely some big changes coming to your green bin starting on April 1st of this year. Unfortunately, contamination is the biggest program...

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What is zero waste?

The zero waste movement is gaining momentum faster than ever. But what is “zero waste” and why does it matter?  What is zero waste? Zero waste means basically what it sounds like: an effort to reduce the waste we produce in our homes and beyond. The mission...

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Four tips for lower waste travel

Travel is back in motion after quite the hiatus due to the coronavirus. Here are our top tips for reducing waste while traveling. Many low waste products are actually more convenient than conventional products! 1. Plan ahead Most single-use purchases happen when we...

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