Container Deposit System

What is a
container deposit system?

When you buy a bottle from us, you can return it later for a coupon code equal to the price of the bottle. All bottles purchased from New Moon Refillery are eligible for the program as long as they still have the NMR sticker on them (see additional guidelines below). We take back bottles with screw top lids only–no pumps, droppers, or spray tops. If you never return the bottle, that’s okay! You already paid for it and it’s yours.

How to return bottles

When you are ready to return the container(s), send an email to with the subject line “RETURNING NMR CONTAINERS”  before you place your next order and let us know how many containers and which type you are returning. You will be emailed a coupon/discount code for the price of the container(s) to use toward your next purchase. 

Once you let us know you’ll be returning the containers and have received your discount code, simply leave them out for us to pick up when we deliver your next order. Please clean the containers and make sure they’re dry before leaving them out.

Instances in which we cannot accept the container back:

  • If our logo sticker has been removed. If the sticker is falling off of your container, please email us to let us know. 
  • If you have used our deposit containers to store strongly-scented items between your receipt and return and the smell lingers, we cannot accept the containers back.