Deposit Bottle Return


Please add this item to your cart if you are returning New Moon Refillery deposit system bottles.

Adding this item to your cart will deduct $2 from your order. If you are returning 3 bottles, for example, change the quantity to 3 and $6 should be deducted from your total.

Please note: If you add this item to your cart and do not leave deposit containers out for us to retrieve during your delivery, we will invoice you for the discount applied. We do not make separate trips to pick up containers.


  • We take back bottles with screw top lids only–no pumps, droppers, or spray tops.
  • Please clean the containers and make sure they’re dry before leaving them out.
  • Please do not remove the branded stickers on the bottles – they are expensive and meant to last many uses.
  • Instances in which we cannot accept the container back:
    • If you have used our deposit containers to store strongly-scented items between your receipt and return and the smell lingers, we cannot accept the containers back.
    • If the bottle is broken or cracked.

Learn About Our Container Deposit System