If you’re into environmental issues, your algorithm has probably shown you all kinds of aesthetic pantries, kitchens, and bathrooms full of beautiful bamboo and glass products.

While making products out of more sustainable materials helps improve our planet, they can be very costly. Not everyone can afford or wants to spend a lot of money on new eco-friendly items—especially when there are plenty of free ways to accomplish the same functionality!

Keep reading for our favorite no-cost plastic-free tips.


DIY cutlery travel kit

I like to keep a reusable cutlery set with me whenever I travel so that I can refuse plastic silverware, paper napkins, and straws when eating at quick service restaurants.

Although there are several reusable travel sets for purchase that are made of bamboo, metal, and even plastic, most people have silverware at home already! Roll up a fork, spoon, butter knife, and reusable straw (metal or plastic is better than glass for traveling) in a cloth napkin and tie together with a rubber band. You’re set!


Reuse your single-use bags

If you haven’t invested in reusable bags yet, chances are you probably save the plastic or paper bags you get from the grocery store for other uses. Why not just bring them with you to the store to use again? Items are only single use if you use them one time.

Although plastic and paper grocery bags won’t last as long as reusable bags, choosing to utilize them until they’re unusable is a great way to make the most of them at no extra cost.


Skip the produce bags

Maybe you’ve seen the adorable reusable mesh produce bags available, but the reality is that they aren’t necessary. 

The next time you’re at the grocery store, place loose produce straight into your cart. You’ll wash it at home anyway! This is especially applicable to produce with its own packaging (bananas, citrus fruits, etc). 

If you want to use bags for your produce to decrease contact with germs, keep them and reuse them on your next trip to the grocery store. 

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