There’s no doubt that shampoo and conditioner bars are gaining popularity—even big name brands have recognized this and are creating solid hair care formulas. If you’re on the fence about trying them out, keep reading to find out why you should!

Environmental benefits

Switching to solid shampoo and conditioner saves plastic waste from entering the landfill. Liquid hair care products often come in plastic, which only has a 5-6% recycling rate in the US. It is estimated that 550 million shampoo bottles are thrown out every year. We estimate that each adult in the US could save at least 2 shampoo bottles per year from entering the landfill by switching to shampoo bars. That number of course varies by person depending on hair type and length, washing frequency, etc.

Shampoo and conditioner bars often come in paper packaging or—if you get them at a refill or zero waste store—no packaging at all!

Even better, solid hair products do not contain water. No water content means less water used overall, but also less weight during shipment and therefore fewer emissions.

Better for the earth does NOT mean less effective!

At New Moon Refillery, we carry shampoo and conditioner bars from the brand Dip. We have tried several brands, and these are the absolute best! The shampoo bar creates a luxurious lather that gently cleans, and the conditioner bar has the same slippery texture as a traditional conditioner.

Dip is deeply focused on the environment. They state, “We are an environmental awareness company parading around as a damn good personal care company.” They refuse to sell on Amazon in support of small businesses, and follow Credo’s ingredient standards.

Their formulas are color-safe, full of nourishing ingredients, and have been tested on all hair types—even tight curls.

How to use

There are a couple of ways you can use hair care bars. You can either rub the bars in between your hands and then apply to your hair, or you can apply the bar directly to your scalp. Experiment with that works best for your hair!

To prolong the life of your bars, they should be kept out of direct streams of water and allowed to dry completely between uses.

If properly stored, the full-sized conditioner bars last 6-14 months and the shampoo bars last 1-5 months on average.

Start your new routine

Check out the shampoo bars and conditioner bars that we carry and start your new hair care routine! Available in mini sizes so you can try them out.