Shaving Soap


Product Description

Mountain Time Soap’s shaving soap utilizes the natural properties of bentonite clay and other nourishing oils to create a slick and creamy lather. Perfect for a close shave with no irritation.

Bentonite clay is indigenous to Montana and has a history of being used by Native Americans for skincare. It’s composed of aged volcanic ash and provides for a slick, gentle glide on the skin’s surface. This clay is also unusual because of the fact that when it becomes hydrated, its molecular components create an “electrical charge”. This charge gives it the ability to absorb impurities, toxins, and heavy metals from your skin.

Tip—when using bentonite soaps, add more water to generate maximum lather.

Conveniently shaped in a 4.5oz round bar to fit most shaving mugs. But don’t be mistaken! This product works wonders for all genders.

Individually wrapped in 100% backyard compostable packaging.


Saponified olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, bentonite clay, essential oils, vitamin E.

Brand Information

Mountain Time Soap is handcrafted in Golden, Colorado. They utilize pure, simple ingredients from nature and compostable packaging. They are also a 1% for the Planet member.