Recycle NMR Packaging


Don’t have access to recycling or composting services? Fret not! We are taking responsibility for the packaging you receive from us, and will make sure it is properly recycled or composted. Simply add this item to your cart and leave the items out for us to pick up at your next delivery. We do not make separate trips to pick up these items.

Please note: If an item you leave out is not one you have received by ordering from us, we will not accept it and will leave it with your order.


  • Paper bags from powdered or food products
  • Paper bags with handles that your order was delivered in
  • Recyclable packaging (from shampoo and conditioner bars, bars of soap, etc)
  • Compostable packaging and products (compostable sponges, Swedish dish cloths, bamboo dish brush heads, compostable cellophane from catnip toys, etc)
  • Order slips and note cards

Not accepted

  • General recyclable or organic matter from your home (we are not a recycling or composting service)
  • Recyclable or compostable packaging and products from other zero waste shops or brands