Plastic-Free Hair Ties

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Product Description

KOOSHOO has truly modernized the scrunchie category. As well as being the first 100% fair trade, plastic-free and zero waste scrunchies in the world, they also perform better than the scrunchies of yesteryear.

Made of a gentle and breathable, supersoft organic cotton on the outside, perfectly scrunched around the stretchy tree rubber and organic cotton inner hair tie that made KOOSHOO famous, these beauties ensure an all-day, all-comfort hold!

Brand Information

KOOSHOO was born from the philosophy that business is a powerful way to share our message. They source natural materials that are renewable, organic, plant-based and plastic-free, and then follow their journey through every stage. At each step along the way, they focus on ethical treatment, fair wages and sustainable practices that empower both the creator and the consumer, while being gentle on the earth.