Nutritional Yeast


Product Description

Nutritional yeast is a food seasoning popular among those with dairy free or vegan diets. It provides a cheesy, salty flavor without dairy!

Popular uses include popcorn seasoning, in pasta sauces or soups, and in dips.

Price: $1.00/oz by weight

How To Shop

You can order this product in 1oz, 4.5oz, and 8oz quantities.

A typical package of nutritional yeast at a grocery store is about 4.5oz.

If you would like 3oz, for example, you can choose the 1oz option and change the quantity to 3.


This product will be delivered in a paper bag that you can recycle or compost.

Storage and Shelf Life

This product is not meant to be stored in the paper bag you receive it in. It should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for the longest shelf life.

Nutrition Information

Coming soon!