Catnip Toy


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Product Description

A fun, eco-friendly toy for your favorite feline friend! The toy is stuffed with high quality catnip and crafted from a durable burlap bag that your cat will love to sink its claws into.

Quick Facts

  • American-grown catnip strains with high levels of nepetalactone (the good stuff), raised with organic growing methods
  • Biodegradable, durable, all-natural pouches created with unprocessed fiber, and designs printed with pet-safe ink
  • Eco-friendly packaging crafted from recycled paperboard and tree-based cellophane
  • Proudly designed and assembled in Colorado, USA

Brand Information

Purr Say is a brand local to the Denver Metro! Their mission is to create high-quality and eco-conscious catnip toys. They believe that “Catnip won’t save the planet, but each small decision, each small choice towards sustainable practices is another small step towards new possibilities. Every little step matters, and it’s up to all of us to make it happen, together.”