Four tips for lower waste travel

Dec 1, 2022 | Tips

Travel is back in motion after quite the hiatus due to the coronavirus. Here are our top tips for reducing waste while traveling. Many low waste products are actually more convenient than conventional products!

1. Plan ahead

Most single-use purchases happen when we are on-the-go because we have a need we did not anticipate. By consciously making an effort to think ahead about the details of your travel, you can plan for the little things and avoid that gas station plastic.

2. Bring solid forms of liquid products

Did you know that shampoo, conditioner, and even body lotion come in solid bar forms? Some of our favorites are the Sustain Yourself body lotion bar, dip shampoo bar, and dip conditioner bar. Both the dip shampoo bar and conditioner bar come in mini sizes, and we also sell a mini travel tin for easy, mess-free storage! Another convenient replacement is toothpaste tablets. All of these items can also be stored in a carry-on bag if needed since they’re not liquid!

3. Don’t forget the basics

Remember that the “basics” at home are often still essential to have when traveling. We can’t count how many times our bamboo silverware or reusable bag (the ChicoBag Vita is our favorite because of its small storage size!) have come in handy on road trips and even in other countries. Remembering to bring a small water bottle can save multiple bottles of water on a trip.

4. Use reusable silicone or compostable bags for on-the-go snacks

One of our founders gets seriously hangry without adequate snacks (we won’t name names…but it’s Sami). Reusable silicone bags and compostable bags filled with snacks have saved Drue (and the world) from her hangry wrath dozens of times. In fact, we carry these around just when running errands in Denver!

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