It’s too expensive

The biggest misconception about reducing your waste is that it’s always more expensive. We’re happy to report that that is not the case! While zero waste alternatives can be more costly up front, they are meant to be reused and last much longer than their conventional counterparts on average.

Refilling is usually less expensive than purchasing the same product in packaging when broken down by per ounce cost. This is because refill stores purchase large quantities of product at a time for a lesser price. You’ll never pay for packaging again!

That being said, most of the companies that offer bulk-sized products to zero waste stores use ingredients that are better for the earth, are small businesses, and implement ethical practices. When comparing these companies to multinational brands, prices of huge competitors for a similar product can be less—but not always! In particular, the Boulder Clean products we carry are available at a very low cost per ounce because we purchase them in a 30-gallon drum and don’t pay for shipping since we can pick it up just 12 minutes from our warehouse!

You have to do it all

Changing your routines and habits inevitably takes time, and it’s better to start small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Here are some of our favorite small swaps to try: replace your paper towels with Swedish dish cloths, collect your beauty and contact lens packaging for free recycling, or switch from liquid body wash to handmade bar soap. Making small changes absolutely makes a difference, and that’s what the planet needs!

It has to be cute

Honestly, some of our favorite eco-friendly habits are a little ugly. Cutting up old t-shirts for cleaning cloths and using yogurt tubs to hold laundry powder aren’t the most aesthetic, but they’re practical and inexpensive ways to reduce waste by using what you already have!

It’s time consuming

Not everyone has the time or means to visit a refill store—that’s why we started New Moon Refillery! You can order online for next-day delivery of all your plastic-free household essentials, including cleaning and personal care items. Order today to see how easy going plastic-free can be!