200-Grain Organic White Vinegar


Product Description

This is highly concentrated 200-Grain Vinegar. Common uses include cleaning (diluted) and killing weeds (as is).

Price: $0.35/oz by weight


To create 100 grain (10%) vinegar, combine equal parts of 200 grain-vinegar with distilled water (1-1 ratio).

To create 50 grain (5% – standard grocery store dilution) vinegar, combine 1 part 200-grain vinegar with 3 parts distilled water (1-3 ratio).

WARNING: If contact with skin occurs, wash thoroughly as it may cause irritation.

This product is NOT meant to be consumed or used for cooking—please use for household purposes only.


Organic 200-Grain White Vinegar.

Brand Information

Rustic Strength is a family owned and operated company. Their manufacturing plant is located in Missouri and they offer a Close the Loop program to reuse packaging materials.