Group Orders

Who can place

a group order?

While we focus on apartment and office buildings, we are also happy to set up group ordering for smaller workplaces, groups of neighbors, churches, college dorms, etc. Fill out our contact form to set up ordering!

How It Works

Benefits of a group ordering partnership with New Moon Refillery:

  • Helps your building/office encourage eco-friendlier practices and reach your sustainability goals.
  • Provides your tenants/employees with a more affordable and convenient way to order.
  • Saves emissions with fewer trips.
  • Offers data about the environmental impact of your groups’ orders, such as plastic bottles and emissions diverted.
  • Diverts items from the landfill through a sponsored Terracycle Zero Waste Box.


  • 10% off every order
  • One Terracycle Zero Waste Box at no charge

Step by step:

  1. Fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you ASAP
  2. Decide on delivery frequency
  3. Building/office manager sends out our sign up form to tenants/employees
  4. We send out ordering reminders
  5. Tenants/employees order online
  6. We deliver consistently!

Data Examples

detailed flyer

Learn more about how you and your group can benefit from group ordering through New Moon Refillery!

Informational flyer on group ordering