Group ordering at deco

Images of products such as dish soap, hand soap, compostable bags, and bamboo dish brushes

what is group ordering?

In an effort to reduce delivery emissions, we are encouraging multiple tenants in a single building to receive their orders on the same day. New Moon Refillery makes deliveries to DECO every other Wednesday.

By signing up for our group ordering program, you will receive 10% off every order and ordering reminders to check if you’re low on any plastic-free products.

Our group ordering program is not a subscription—you can order what and when you need.

Have more questions about New Moon Refillery? Check out our FAQ page.

How It Works

Benefits of signing up for group ordering with New Moon Refillery & DECO:

  • Participate in eco-friendly practices and reach your sustainability goals.
  • Provides you with a more affordable and convenient way to order.
  • Saves emissions with fewer trips.
  • We send you an end-of-year report about your environmental impact (how many plastic bottles you diverted from landfills, etc).


  • 10% off every order

Step by step:

  1. Sign up below to receive delivery details, ordering reminders, and your discount code for 10% off.
  2. We send you ordering reminders.
  3. You order online by midnight the day before your scheduled delivery.
  4. We deliver consistently!

Sign Up


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